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This is the review section. You'll find helpful reviews for different products that the webmaster or any of the editors get their hands on. This is still an newly opened section and we hope you'll find more reviews in the future


The Review Section

Welcome To The Review Section

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Techjunkeez is glad to announce the opening of its review section. Here you'll find the reviews for anything that is making enough buzz on the internet. Hope you enjoy reading our professionally written reviews.

An index page will be available when the number of reviews increases as this is still a new section.


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Latest Reviews

Review: Nokia Lumia 800

It has always been the same story throughout man’s history. Whenever something or someone gained too much power, someone, somewhere, was plotting their downfall. Nokia experienced this cruel sequence of history firsthand. Still, it looks like this old, rugged dog can learn new tricks. They’ve finally accepted the defeat of their Symbian OS and moved on with a Microsoft deal to use the Windows Phone 7 OS. The Lumia 800 is the first child of this affair.

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Review: Apple iPhone 4S

The online world is a cruel world. A world that is filled with ill informed and immature people who offer irrational opinions and in turn affect the readers into succumbing to their belief or judgment. Ahead of the iPhone 4S’ announcement, the internet started churning out countless rumors of Apple’s next iteration of arguably their most hyped product. After the announcement, people reading headlines about the new product started showing discontent just because they didn’t see the number “5” there

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Review: Apple iPad 2

With the iPad resting in first place in the tablet race, Apple has released the long awaited iPad 2, which should work on holding that lead. With some additions such as dual cameras, faster CPU as well as some ergonomic updates, the iPad 2 looks promising, but does it actually deliver, and is it worth throwing your old iPad for? Read on the review to find out more…

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Review: Microsoft Kinect

The long wait for many Xbox 360 fans is over. The new, supposedly game changing peripheral is here. Microsoft’s motion tracking device, Kinect, has finally arrived but does it offer any revolutionary changes to the way we’re going to think of video games from now on? Well, the answer to that is yes and no… read on the review to find out more.

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Review: HTC Google Nexus One

The Nexus One was anything but unexpected when it was announced earlier in this month. The phone was supposed to fit in a new class that some Google employees called the “Superphone” family.  After using it for a few days, I’m confident in telling you that it is not good enough to push out new classes for cell phones. The Nexus One isn’t bad by any means. It was just suffering from excess hype prelaunch. Cool phone? Yes. iPhone killer? I don’t think so. Read on the full review.

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Review: Nokia N900

Don’t mistake the N900 for an N-series phone. This much anticipated Nokia product has been spurring excitement all around the internet blogosphere recently. Instead of reviewing it as a cell phone, you should look at this device as an internet tablet that happens to be able to make phone calls and send SMS messages. This is not the first Nokia internet tablet, the N8XXs and the N7XXs have been around for some time, but the exciting factors about the N900 are the new Maemo 5 operating system and the GSM module that allows you to use it as a cell phone. This new operating system aims to blur the line between phones and internet tablets and does a decent job at that. At a price point of $650, the N900 has a very narrow margin for any shortcomings. Read on the full review that checks on every feature that might be of your concern.

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Review: Assassin's Creed II

The first Assassin’s Creed was a fair attempt on an unexplored genre in gaming. But if any of you played the first game, you’d already know how awfully repetitive it gets towards the end. This is just one of many frustrations that Assassin’s Creed was infested with. Assassins Creed 2 works on improving all of the basics of the first version of the game and almost remove all the frustrations people had with it. Find out if Ubisoft pushed a worthy sequel, or just a lame iteration of what we almost liked.

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Review: Fifa 10

Following the remarkable success of Fifa 09, which was the best football simulation released at the time , EA Sports developers had to seriously scratch their heads to top that effort and produce a successor that is worth getting even for those who already own Fifa 09. Fifa 10 isn’t just a polished Fifa 09 with better graphics, EA Sports has added tons of features and released a fantastic football video game. Read on to find out more about the new stuff added and how well the new features play out.

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Review: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

I just cannot express how good this game is and I just can’t get rid of this huge obligation I feel to deliver a description of how awesome this title is. No matter how I use my writing skills I’m not going be able to fully express this game and give it justice. Developer Naughty Dog has followed up the first Uncharted game with a sequel that stays true to the original but builds up so much on it to a degree where perfect seems somewhat of an understatement. Read the full review to find out why this title is one of the greatest of all time.

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Review: PSP Go

The PSP Go is the first complete design overhaul the PSP ever had. Previous successors of the original PSP just brought slimmer, lighter bodies and better screens but the PSP Go is aiming higher than that. Sony decided to go all digital this time, in other words, all your PSP games will be downloaded from the internet instead of getting them on UMD discs. From the looks of it, the PSP Go has something going for it, but will it be enough to make a previous PSP owner dump their old system for this new sleeker one?

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Review: Need For Speed: Shift

The Need For Speed series hasn’t been all that great recently. EA tried to mix it up with “ProStreet” but that didn’t work, then they tried to get back to basics with “Undercover” which was terrible as well. Everyone knew the franchise was going downhill at an alarming rate, and it would need a group of miracle workers to make Need For Speed a title taken seriously again. Well… Those miracle workers call themselves “Slightly Mad Studios” and they have developed one of the best titles in the series, Need For Speed: Shift. Read on to find out what sets this game apart from the competition.

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Review: Batman: Arkham Asylum

It is very seldom that a game actually makes you feel like a known character. Usually comic book based games suffer very bad development and movie based games are even worse. But this game isn’t tied to any movie release date or fixed with any previously written plot that didn’t have the creation of a game in mind, and the result is an astounding piece of work.

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Review: Samsung I8000 Omnia II

The Samsung I8000 is the successor of the not so great first Omnia released. I wasn’t a fan of the first release so I started reviewing the Omnia II with a lot of hesitation in my mind. Comparing it with the first Omnia is a waste of time since the spec sheet for this phone is monstrous compared to its predecessor. So let’s dig in the box and see what it has to offer.

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Review: inFAMOUS

Infamous is an open world game set in a fictional empire city which has been destroyed by a huge blast. The most interesting thing in the blast is the source of it, a package in the hands of a delivery boy named Cole. Sure, the whole city is in ruins and all the citizens are dead or dying, but what was happening to Cole was a completely opposite situation. He became stronger and gained the ability to domesticate electric power and use it for his own intentions.

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Review: Nokia N97

Just like all other businesses these days, the mobile phone market has been hit strongly by the dreadful recession. Even Nokia, the leader in the market showed huge signs of weakness as it started losing large percentages of the market to rival companies like Apple and Samsung. The N-series are supposed to be the knight in shining armor of the company. But even that has changed, as the N79 or N96 showed weak performance in the market and in the feature list, compared to rival companies’ offerings. Does the N97 have enough power to clean up the mess of recent N-series phones and put Nokia back in the driving seat?

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