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Miscellaneous computer articles discussing issues we face in our everyday lives: taming and tweaking Windows, security, speed, gaming and reviews of nifty programs.


Latest Computer Articles

My Favourite Opera Browser Tips and Features

Opera, an alternative browser and e-mail client packed with useful features, has gained well deserved popularity among internet users. These are my top 15 tips for the Opera browser.


Virtual CD Software: Alcohol 120% vs. DAEMON Tools

In this article, I try to explain how virtual drives work and why they can be useful to you. Then I compare between Alcohol 120% and DAEMON Tools to help you choose the one that's right for you.


Tunatic: Identify unknown songs and music tracks

Today, I was delighted to stumble upon this clever little app called Tunatic. Itís a free program or kind of a search-engine to identify songs and itís available for Windows 2k/XP and Mac OS X.


Quick Encryption from the Windows XP Context Menu

If you use encryption very often, you might find it too many clicks away. Iíll show you a registry hack which will place the encryption option in the context menu for better accessibility.


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