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Latest Computer Articles

Keep Your PC Healthy And Reduce Computer Errors

It may come as a shock to you, but computer users in the U.S. alone spend over $60 billion on solving computer errors. This amount does not include the millions of hours that are lost due to computer downtime caused by these errors. A lot of this money and time could be easily saved if we all became a little more alert about maintaining the health of our computers.


Guidelines To Prevent DLL Problems

Every year billions of dollars are spent in repairing computer problems that could have been avoided. The truth is that prevention and maintenance tasks can help users avoid problems. One just needs to be vigilant and follow some easy guidelines. This will help prevent a lot of computer problems and increase the life and efficiency of a system.


What You Should Know About EXE Errors

A recent survey by a computer magazine found out that 56% of computer owners are using their computers daily to store critical information regarding their business and personal life. This signifies that computer users are relying on their computers more than ever before.


Easy Fixes For Software Errors

With so many software programs installed on your Windows computer, the occurrence of software errors is not uncommon. Many software errors are circumstantial and usually disappear when you restart your PC. However, there are a few errors that are caused due to missing or corrupt files and other issues on the system that you may need to resolve.


Advanced Software Uninstallation Tips

Whenever software is installed on your Windows computer, it adds several installation files on the hard disk and entries in the registry. These files and registry entries are required to run the software on your computer. When you choose to uninstall the software from your PC, you must ensure that you use a method that enables you to completely remove the software by getting rid of all related files and registry entries. Letís have a look at some of the methods that you can use to achieve this.



Driver Errors Explained

A device driver is a software program that is used to establish communication between various hardware devices installed on your computer and the applications that need to use these devices. For instance, a printer driver enables your Microsoft Word or Excel application to communicate with the printer and send prints jobs. Common drivers, such as drivers for mouse and keyboards are shipped along with your operating system. Each device has its own driver. In Window environments, drivers have the .DRV extension and in DOS environment the extension is .SYS.


5 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows Vista released this January comes fully-loaded with many cool features and enhancements that inspire Windows users to upgrade their current systems.  In this latest Microsoft operating system, you will notice interesting changes in everything from desktop to networking, excellent searching and multimedia capabilities, and much improved, fast, and secure Internet services and beyond.


What to Look For in a Registry Cleaner

The registry plays a crucial role in the functioning of your Windows computer. Therefore, it is vital for you to perform regular registry maintenance. The simplest and most efficient way to perform registry maintenance is by using a registry cleaner utility. In this article, we will list a few things to look for before buying a registry cleaner utility.


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