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PS4 Makes History with 250,000 Units Sold Across UK

Source: CVG

Marking a dream launch for the resurgent console manufacturer, Sony's latest console beat the long-surviving eight year sales record held by the original PSP, which moved 185,000 units in its three days of availability.

According to trade site MCV, PS4 likely generated about £90 million in sales during the opening weekend period.

On Friday, PS4 was released across 20 European and PAL territories. Region-wide sales have yet to be announced. On November 15, the PlayStation 4 launched across North America and sold one million units on its first day.

One week later it was announced that Xbox One sales reached approximately 150,000 units in the console's first 48 hours of availability.

Last Thursday, on the eve of PS4's European launch, PlayStation UK managing director Fergal Gara told CVG PS4 was capable of hitting new heights.

"Like North America, the UK is a huge priority for us because it sits at the front-end of appetite for new technology," the executive said. "With PS4, stock allocation in the UK is very healthy indeed and we go into this ready and willing and break our own previous launch record."

Source: CVG

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