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Microsoft Points Now Officially Cold Hard Cash on Xbox 360

Posted on Aug 27, 2013 | Source: HD Report

Microsoft has finally abandoned their proprietary currency system in favor of real-world money. With today’s Xbox Live update (the whole process takes about five minutes), MS Points have been converted into dollars and cents, or euros, or pesos, or yen—wait, who are we kidding…no one plays the Xbox in Japan.

For example, I had 440 points in my account, and when I went to hypothetically buy Ecco the Dolphin on Xbox Live Arcade, I was greeted with this message:

“The Xbox stores are now priced in your local currency instead of Microsoft Points. Your account and everything sold in the Xbox stores will now use your local currency. We’re putting $5.50 in your Microsoft account. For more info, go to”

Source: HD Report

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